About Gordon Edwards

I was born, raised, and still live on a rural acreage and farmland along the Red Deer River, near Red Deer, Alberta Canada. My initial interest in photography was back in the early 1980's, merging my interests in astronomy with photography. In 1980, I purchased an Olympus OM-1 camera which was somewhat of a standard for long night sky exposures because it would operate without batteries. I still have this camera and still shoot black and white film with it.

In my career as an electrical engineer, I travelled all over the world but for some reason the only pictures I seemed to take were pictures of towers and antennas. The last several years I have been very actively doing photography and use both digital as well as black and white film which I develop and print in my darkroom. I also have a DSLR that I have had converted to shoot infrared and use that for landscape shots as well.

My primary interests are birds, landscape and animals- probably in that order. 

What I don’t shoot is food, weddings, portraits, pets, and did I mention food?

My photos are as original and natural as possible, to represent what I actually saw. I sometimes clone out very distracting objects such as a sign, but you will never find the zebra on a skyline, with a sky tacked in from some other photo. I also don’t do the blurred background thing in PhotoShop, or the over the top HDR images you will find in the glitz galleries.

I hope you enjoy the site. If you want to see more about an image, click on the image and there is a description of it, along with pricing info. Note that not all images are available in any size. There are also a few non-standard sizes for specific crop sizes.

Feel free to contact me if you have any special sizes you would like, or specific birds, animals, or landscape you want a picture of. I have over 400,000 images on my computer and I will try and meet your requests.

Gordon Edwards